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"An excellent in-depth overview, one of the best on the subject....Never simplistic, it is an outstanding overview for teens new to the subject; for those who know something of the history, it fills in the big picture with depth and detail about both leaders and ordinary people, what has changed, and how much still needs to be done." — Booklist (starred review)

During the last twenty years, I have written more than ninety works of nonfiction for middle grade readers and young adults.  My books cover a wide range of subjects, but my specialities include biography, American history, ethnic  studies, women’s history, history of science, and popular culture.

"Sonneborn deals with her material well, hitting all the highlights and keeping the narrative moving along. Good use of details adds interest, such as the origins of the famous white suit. A critical section in the last chapter puts the controversy around The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in context. A solid purchase for libraries needing new biographies of this report stalwart.”  — School Library Journal

"Sonneborn covers geography, natural resources, environment, history, government, diversity, religions, culture, and everyday life....Although the book covers an enormous amount of detail, it never becomes boring or dreary. Sonneborn has a genuine connection to Canada and to what it means to be Canadian....An excellent resource." — School Library Journal